just for fun...

Donna and Chris in San Francisco

Donna and our good friend Chris Zink enjoying sundaes at the Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop in San Francisco

Donna and Chris on the Golden Gate Bridge

George here again. As the sign says, There is Hope!. This was in AUGUST in California...on the Golden Gate Bridge. Notice the apparel...you would think it is cold...hmmm??? Next time you see Donna or Chris you must ask them to explain the flowers to you...really, YOU MUST!

Class is in Session

Agility class never seems to end!

George and Donna

Donna and George at the Fairfield Inn, Fairfield, Pennsylvania, for Donna's 2013 birthday. Chris Zink took the picture.

George here...so this next video requires a bit of an explanation...and it has nothing to do with dog agility...it is, well, just for fun!

As many of you know I do photography and this was shot at the end of a great photography weekend in Cape May, New Jersey. Three of us, John Barclay, Tony Sweet, and I all went to meet our gracious host, Charles Riter, in Cape May early on Friday morning. We shot late into the day and then were up well before sunrise on Saturday. We shot non-stop until well after sunset and were up again early Sunday to catch the sunrise in Ocean City, New Jersey, where we met up with two other photographers...Jim and Bonnie. To say the least we were exausted and with that came the silliness.

Now about the movie...it is a short one shot with Tony's iPhone...yes, an iPhone. Tony has an iPhone app that converts videos to old-time movies so that is what you will now see...enjoy watching a bunch of adults being very silly.

Ocean City, New Jersey Crazies, February 24, 2010

Hannah and Lonnie

Lonnie training Hannah...or is it the other way around?