Lark, 4th Place Overall, 2014 AKC National Agility Championships

AKC Master Agility Champion 5
USDAA Agility Dog Champion

Lark was my birthday present in 2010. One of my best presents ever. Deb and Derry worked to pick the best girl for me. I have not been disappointed.

Lark has a love for agility and an athleticism that makes her the total package. All of our dogs teach me something new and Lark is no exception. She is the one who made me search for a way to bring out her drive at agility trials. While I knew she had "it" she didn't show it if I was to serious beforea a run. I am happy to say that she can now be "very pushy" on course.

Lark was 4th at the AKC Nationals in 2014. It was around that time that I really felt her gain confidence and understanding in her agility "job". It was a thrill to have it all come together in her Finals run.

In December 2015, Lark, qualified for the AKC Invitational in Orlando, FL. It was a year long process that required sacrifices from everyone in the family. But with George's support we made it. George, Lark, and I had a great time in Orlando. We were one dogwalk contact away from a flawless weekend.

Finally, Lark is much more than an agility dog. She is a huge presence in the house where she makes her "wants" known to all of us, human and canine alike. She is super competitve and works hard to out-do the border collies in all activities …. running, swimming, receiving treats, etc. George and I are constantly laughing at her antics.

ADCH MACH5 Gayheart's Merry Adventure MXC MJB2 MXF T2B MAD "Lark" (Pembroke Welsh Corgi)
Birthdate: 4/18/2010
Breeders: Deborah Wimer X Derry Krause (
Parents: Ryslip Ned Kelly X Gayhearts Thyme Flies


Donna and Lark (5 weeks old)

Donna and Lark (8 weeks old)


Flying with one flap down

Derry Krause and Lark

Lark with breeder Derry Krause

Donna, Lark, Deb Wimer, and Pippin

Donna and Lark with Lark's mother, Pippin, and breeder Deb Wimer


Lark calls a touchdouwn

Lark calls her first 'touchdown' and the football season hasn't even started

Lark and some of her liter mates


Lark at 11 weeks of age

Lark at 14 weeks of age

Lark at 7 months of age

Lark at 7 months

The girl can CATCH!

Only 7 months old and THE GIRL CAN CATCH!!!



Lark at 22 months


Lark at 2 1/2 years


Lark at 2 1/2 years


Lark's MACH Title with the Judges

Lark and Donna

Lark's 3rd Place Triathlon Finish
USDAA 2014 Mid-Atlantic Regional

Lark and Donna

3 Gayhearts, 3 MACHs, same trial, same run
Talbot Kennel Club, May 30, 2015

Donna with MACH5 Lark

Lark and Donna after Lark's MACH5 run
York County Dog Training Club, March 18, 2016

Check out Lark's videos...but don't try this with a dial-up connection!

Lark at 8 weeks of age

Lark and Donna, 15 months, doin' da tricks

Lark and Donna, 15 months, doin' da wood!

AKC Novice Standard, October 2011

AKC Open Jumpers with Weaves, November 2011

USDAA Starters Gamblers, November 2011

USDAA Starters Standard, November 2011

USDAA Team Snooker, New Year's 2012

USDAA Team Gamblers, New Year's 2012

AKC Open Standard, January 2012

AKC Open Jumpers with Weaves, January 2012

AKC Excellent A Jumpers with Weaves, February 2012

USDAA Starters Relay, MidAtlantic MADness, April 2012

AKC MACH Title run, Salisbury Kennel Club, August 24, 2013

AKC 2014 National Agility Championships, March 27 - 30, 2014, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Lark had an outstanding time and ended up 4th overall.  We are very proud of her!!

Thursday - Time 2 Beat run
Friday - Jumpers with Weaves run
Saturday - Standard run
Sunday - Hybrid run
Sunday - Finals run with 4th place overall finish

AKC MACH4 Title runs, Talbot Kennel Club, May 30, 2015

Standard run
Jumpers with Weaves run

AKC 2015 Invitational, December 11 - 13, 2015, Orlando, Florida
Lark ran great and was one dog walk fault away from a perfect weekend.

Friday - Time 2 Beat run
Saturday - Jumpers with Weaves run
Saturday - Standard run
Sunday - Hybrid run
Jumpers with Weaves run